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2011-01-06 23:44:56 by Zyphonee

Qui a coupe le fromage?! Dammit, QUI A COUPE LE MOTHERFUCKING FROMAGE?!

You know what

2010-12-31 11:19:59 by Zyphonee


Feeling somewhat proud

2010-12-08 20:25:54 by Zyphonee

It's been a little more than three years since I joined this site; a really long time if you place it on a relative to my time of existence (Fifteen Earth cycles), and even more impressive if you compare it to the time to my expiration date, and I'm honestly baffled. The things I learnt and how I improved as both a person and an artist are baffling. Just going back to my first BBS posts, or the first digital piece I made takes me back to a very very different time, and it's incredible what a huge relevance this site has had in my life. It really seems like I as an individual and Newgrounds as a site have both been growing at such a steady pace, zig-zagging and crossing each other along the way every once in a while. It's really mind twister for me to think exactly where would I be and what would my reasonings be hadn't I joined Newgrounds a nice Winter of 2007. Ever since I signed up, I met a lot of great and interesting people who, in one way or another, made the constant line that defines my life take a (sometimes not so) slightly different path. Back in those says, my life was better defined as shallow and frivolous; and as much as I know that my current position will seem meaningless to me in about twenty years, I can tell for sure that I will still know that wherever I am, be it a cardboard box or a chateau in Britain, drinking Martinis, I will, to some degree, owe it to this site and it's community.

Feeling somewhat proud

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My head does no longer know the difference between anything and something.

Shameless advertisement: Beware

2010-06-27 09:58:25 by Zyphonee

Hello everyone.

I am an amateur animator, artist, writer and game designer wannabe who'd love to collaborate with a cool programmer (AS2 or AS3, I'm not picky) in order to make an entertaining game. I know my way around Flash (pretty much all the editions), as well as Photoshop, and am looking to give game development a shot. I have already worked with a couple of programmers in a few projects, although unfortunately, none could get finished because of unknown issues that made my coder and I lose contact, but I'm anxious to get back in the saddle, whatever the game concept might be, I could do it, or if not, have someone give me a hand on the ones I have thought of myself.

For some examples of my work (most of them are still incomplete, or bits from previous work), feel free to check some of these out:

- Animated introduction for a pal's Youtube channel.

- Sprites from a previous game that was in development.

- Animated spear-throw cycle sketch.

If you're interested, feel free to drop me a PM or add me on MSN:

Kick Ass

2010-05-23 16:24:26 by Zyphonee

I seriously did NOT want to enjoy that movie. Why? WHY?!

My personal furry gallery:

2010-04-11 20:49:30 by Zyphonee

Here it is!


Today is St. Patrick's day...

2010-03-17 22:09:44 by Zyphonee

...And I just couldn't be bothered to check the calendar and realize.

I'm such a mess when it comes to festivities, I think I also forgot about Valentine's day this year too.

I dig the icons though. I must say, I wanted the leprechaun hat either way....

Working on stuffs

2010-02-05 20:27:21 by Zyphonee

b patient plz

kk guys, I'm done with all the procrastinating, now on to some real work.

Working on stuffs

Name my new Intuos!

2010-02-01 02:24:54 by Zyphonee

This might be considered a cry for attention!

I can not explain how happy I am right now that I've got a new graphic tablet. As you know (or most likely not), my old tablet, my dear Graphire4 passed away quite some time ago, which means that I was left without possibility of making even half decent work for quite some time [although I can not swear I made half decent work BEFORE it broke...(or now that I have new tablet)], so I was left with pretty much 0 productivity and a big chunk of my drive with incomplete works. Recently, that took a dramatic plot twist, for I got myself a new and beautiful Wacom Intuos4. Originally, I bought it from an Ebay sort of online service, but my parents decided to be really cool and pay the difference between the medium sized on I was going to buy and got me the large model. The thing is aesthetically beautiful, and is just aamazing to work on. It's working area is about 102 sq. inches and has 2048 pressure levels.

The second I started testing it, I just KNEW how different it was from my old Graphire, which was pretty much shit, and I'm thinking of buying a couple of stickies from the store to decorate it a bit after I grow tired of it's professional look (Which I think won't happen)

EITHER WAY, this post is not destined towards me bragging about it, in fact, come to think about it, it's not like it's a Cintiq 21ux or anything, I'm just really happy about it, but what I want you guys to do is to give me a name for it. The 17th name posted in this blog post (Only 1 name per user, silly) will stay forever. It can be absolutely anything, from Cecil to Cockslapper McGee, it's your choice.

Now, I have only had time to work on two things: One is some Left 4 Dead 2 fanart (SHUT UP), and the other one is a (sort of) original character.

Talking about Left 4 Dead 2, my Steam ID is "Bouncy Splitter Tits", add me if you want to play something, I'll be straight, I only have L4D2 at the moment, but I'll buy Team Fortress 2 or Killing Floor someday.

Also, here's the WIP from that character I'm talking about, I've only gotta finish the details on his forehead, the hood and eyebrows (contemplating the idea of adding facial hair) and slap in a background so it'll be ready to be uploaded and stuff:

Name my new Intuos!