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Kind of canon

In my opinion, Awesome Reach is the best flash you've posted on this site, simply because of the fact that you hadn't even played the game when you made it, so the only tool you had at hand for making it was the mere element of facial humor. Egoraptor, you are a great animator and artist, and I would personally love your work if you'd finally scrap the videogame parody humor and abide by the more personal and original style of humor that is visual gags. In this flash, it is fairly obvious that the whole argument of the joke and the last image are tangential in that they seek to make the viewer crack a laugh on their own style, but take the last expression out and all you have left is a bland joke about the future of a once successful videogame character. On the other hand, the visual humor/soon to be macros CAN stand on it's own and be hilarious, so it seems like a much more reasonable approach at comedy.

Animation wise, I love your work. The pastel colors are beautiful, your animation is really good and I dig your style, but it doesn't make up for a poorly written joke.

Also, I like the outlines on the characters. Really stylish and good looking.


I absolutely LOVED this. Amazing animation and background art. After some time on the Internet, I thought I was prepared for everything; but watching Poe references beg Justin Bieber for help is something I'm gonna feel unclean for.

I also see you fellas fixed the sloppiness of color fillings in the most fast paced movieclips from the video that was uploaded on Youtube. A brilliant job!


Wow that's pathetic, I cannot believe someone would miss the fact that this is not intended for the typical audience of grey shapeless blobs who want to watch videos of videogames because it's the only kind of reference to pop culture they understand, and they don't get any other type of humor. Sorry people, this is slightly past that, barely touching the surface of mockery towards the aforementioned people.

My favorite episode so far.

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An interesting project

I'll be as brief as possible in this, still hoping you read this because the game has a few main design flaws that seem to have corrupted it.
- When trying to implement momentum, you must not be hitting any of the movement keys and your character will not warp.
- Momentum works in every direction. Running fast in an horizontal plane still carries dynamic energy, which could've been used. Falling in high speed still carries a lot of propulsion from G forces, thus, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun to see some levels that allow you to use this feature.

Finally, I might add that in physics, the instance that carries the most momentum is when your feet have just elevated above the ground, not when you're at the highest point in the jump.

Please, do keep making games like this one, I really enjoy seeing puzzle games based on Portal-ish concepts like this one.



Music: 10
Art: 10
Concept: 10
Gameplay: 5

Avg. 9, damn straight, homeboy.

You guys did a nice job, but lacked depth...

To be perfectly honest, that was refreshing, and had a nice ring to it, but I believe it should've had a bit more in depth introducing the characters, as it was a bit confusing to know exactly to what extent my character was dependent of her, and how much he didn't enjoy being so. Maybe that way it would be a bit more en role and give a lot more liberty to the player to actually decide which ending he is the happiest with, because I just wanted my character to drown in a river for being such a whiner.

Still very amusing though, I enjoyed it throughly and had a pretty interesting way to be driven. It's so subtle you really don't realize which path you REALLY want to take until the game is almost over.

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You are bad people

I feel really bad for that Chris guy

Holy shit!

Fred learnt how to rap!

Seriously, don't come back until you're old enough for this site, you're obviously 10.

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

no fuck you its a free contry

I'll be right back yeah

Cuz mah mommy gotta take me to school
I'm so gangsta and so fucking cool, yeah!

karlkoolkid1999b responds:

you arent gangster faggot you gotta earn your rep in the ghetto fag

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I know something is good

When my jaw drops. Flawless composition, amazing lineart, awesome coloring and great lighting.


sucho responds:

i hope you like it, this is the last time i do lineart


JB sucks; you don't.

People on this site never cease to amaze me (and sometimes amuse me) with their stupidity. This is Newgrounds, thus, the score of this review is based entirely on how good the art is, and it's terrific. I agree Justine Beaver's music is terrible, but if you wanna review her music, go on RollingStone.com or PitchforkMedia; but this is merely graphic. And if you wanna score this low because it's 'sellout', go back to doing meth in your department.

I have to say that i really like your coloring style, there's a really pretty looking metallic feel to the colors, and I think it's really admirable that you went for such a complicated perspective, and you nailed it properly. Outstanding job!

Bullsik responds:

Thank you.
Personally, I think it's hilarious that I, a Marilyn Manson fan, am drawing Justin Bieber cover. People are just way to serious.

Holy crap!

This is amazing; not only I really respect the amount of time this must've consumed, but on an artistic side, this is really well done. The shading and detail are both amazing, and the fact that it was made with acrylics is just even better. Probably the only problem I would have with this is that it might be a bit unbalanced juxtaposition wise, but everything else is just flawless. I would love to see some steampunk from you :)

AssKiller responds:

Thanks for the great comment. Yeah there's litteraly no composition in this piece since it's entirely filled with random crap haha.

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